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How to Deal With Underperformers During Performance Feedback

Annual Performance Reviews are dwindling gradually. Many organizations have started to move to continuous feedback mechanism. Normally,  employees take frequent feedback positive; but at the same time,  Underperformers become a painful task for both HR and Immediate Supervisor. So how to deal with this situation? - There's no or little solution if the Underperformer has started arguments and the immediate supervisor is unprepared. The answer lies in following 3 preliminary preparations that need to be made before Performance Feedback time in order to avoid any such surprising event. 1. Clearly defined Job Expectations through clearly designed Job Descriptions. Underperformers take it as their strength if they find loopholes in their Job Descriptions. HR, in this matter, needs to sit with Line Managers to make sure that Job Descriptions are up to date and they are clearly defined with clear performance standards or performance expectations. This practice should be well