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Managing Change at Work now Made Easy

Bringing change at work is not a piece of cake. Many complexities are involved in this process and this requires appropriate skills to implement change. The model of managing change makes the change agent fully fraught with necessary skills to bring successful change to work unit, department or even the whole organisation. Hence, it's a must have thing to learn before attempting Change Intervention. Important Things That Bring an Impact on Change Management Activity Your employee level of involvement and empowerment is one of key factors. It means you cannot implement change if people in your organization are not willing. Furthermore, the size of change is another important area to consider. This is because the bigger the change plan is, the bigger the planning required. For a small unit, little planning is required as compared to the entire organisation. It is very important to prepare road map which shows gains after implementing change. This brings increase to c

You Make Mistakes at Work? - That's Common, but Never Ever Make Some Mistakes at all

12-July-2018 / Farhan Hanif It's normal to make mistakes when you are on job since you are a human; not a robot. But some mistakes are totally unacceptable and you must avoid them. What are these? - You need to follow the points below for your guidance: Be Careful While Using Your Office Computer It's not that you cannot use your personal emails. Many employers do not mind that. But, of course, some of the things are surely to be avoided such as obscene websites, looking for jobs and applying to them, using your personal social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc. You must keep in your mind that your I.T Department has the right to access your office computer. Use of Spitting Tobacco While Working on Workstation  Many people are addicted to mild drugs like chewable tobacco that requires spitting. Of course, everyone knows that any kind of major drugs are not allowed. But they take mild drugs like spitting tobacco leniently. So

Want to Know When it is Your Right Time to Resign?

10-July-2018 / Ammar Ahmed There comes a situation when you should really think of quitting. This could be due to misfit of your job, due to bad boss, no growth in the organization or you want to earn more. Let there be any of above reasons, following points are important for you to wake up and start thinking about yourself this time: Your Job is Hurting Your Soul If there is such a thing, you need to think seriously about your future. If your desire is to do something but you are into something else, your soul is not there and your job performance would be affected.  But it is not always easy to grab the dream job. So what can you do in it? - The best answer is to try to get nearer as much as possible. You might not get 100% of your dream job but, surely, a little effort can get you closer. Hence, look for the organization which is free from sarcastic culture as this is the thing which steals one's soul the most. The culture of an organization should be nourishing. You Nee

I'm too Stressed at Work and Want to Quit. Do you get This Feeling? Don't Worry; Here is a Solution

8 July 2018 / Farhan Hanif Stress at work gets chronic if not controlled. You need to do something or it will remain intact. Fortunately, it is controllable as soon as you identify what is causing it to happen. You should begin with first identifying where your stress is emerging from. Once identified, you get the way towards managing it. Remember that controlling stress at work is extremely crucial for your overall health. Following points can help you manage stress at work and make your life peaceful: Put Control on Your Objectives Being unrealistic in setting work objectives is one of the key contributors to escalating stress. This could be due to many reasons like attempting to earn extra or looking for growth in a short period. But the fact is that this approach slows your goals further. Hence, setting realistic objectives is key to success. Just because if you know where you want to go, you can set the track and progress towards your destination.

Employees Leave Bosses right? - But can Bosses do Something to Keep Them Happy?

03-July-2018 / Ammar Ahmed We have frequently heard that employees leave their bosses; not jobs. But is there anything that a boss can do to keep his employee happy? Majority of bosses believe that they have done all that can keep their employees happy and have fulfilled their responsibility by giving them the salary. But it's not all that can make an employee happy and productive. There is one thing which a boss can adapt and feel the difference. This one characteristic is HONESTY. Honesty is not as simple as giving the money back to the cashier when he gives us some extra cash and you stop him and say; "please take your money back; you have given me extra cash by mistake". Being honest as a boss is some bigger challenge and holds much more difficulty than simply giving the cash back to the cashier. Following are the points that you can follow to exhibit honesty towards to your employee and win his heart: Provide True Feedback If a boss is honest, he