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Stop Fooling People in the Name of Motivational Speech

Different types of Public Speakers / Trainers have emerged over the time. But, truly speaking, there are very few who do this for both Monetary Benefit and Social Service combined.

Let's begin first with what types of Training exist.

1. Technical Competency Training (Hard Skills).

2. Behavioral Competency Training (Soft Skills).

3. Motivational Training.

As far as first two training types are concerned, these two skill categories merely talk about improving the technical side of job and the behavioral side of job such as Leadership, Decision Making, Relationship Management etc.

But where is a problem? - Problem is actually where Young People have come into existence as Motivational Speakers and Coach.

So what should be the age and why linking and limiting this training to age? - The point of view is to educate youngsters who have come up as Motivational Coach and they try to make hundreds of people start believing in them for no reason.

Now why is this discrimination by setting age limit to motivational speech? - It's simple. In my opinion, in order to be eligible to be a Motivational Coach, a person's age should be at least 40-45 since he/she would have gone through many ups & downs of life during this period.

It's simple again. The true career begins after the age of 25 when a person finds himself ready to take off in a professional world after Education and Internships. So, being a person seeking motivation, would I feel comfortable with a Motivational Coach having 15-20 years of professional experience or the one having 5-10 years?

It's not over yet. Let's pick up the example of Sunnah of Marriage in Islam. In Islam, it is highly recommended to get married early. Why is this? - The reason is that marriage gives the level of maturity which other things might not give in life. But, unfortunately, people who have not even experienced how challenging it is to grow the career along with managing family (having lots of challenges) have started claiming to be true motivators. This marriage is not being discussed here to set a kind of minimum criteria to be a Motivational Coach; but, truly speaking, my opinion is different and I do not believe in people who themselves may not have gone through real life challenges and have come up afore the audience. And, surprisingly, they do extremely well in keeping the audience attracted during the Motivational Session.

But what is this? - It's actually their extra ordinary Interpersonal and Communication skills with the help of which they create a kind of hallucination which people start believing in. Later on, these same people (audience) get back to same real life problems and find the training session to have been useless and ineffective.

The same thing applies to storytelling activity, which is an art; which is a skill, but not a criteria to be called a Motivational Coach.

Now what about many people who have become rich at a very young age? - shouldn't they come afore the public and start giving Motivational Speeches to boost energy in them?

This has gotten a bit tricky - right?  - But never mind, it'll be easy in next few sentences.

Young entrepreneurs who became rich were successful merely because of their creativity and leadership skills. These skills, undoubtedly, are kinds of Behavioral Competencies which can be taught as a skill and there is nothing wrong in training these skills as long as you're adept at them.

But Motivational Training is something different, which actually acts as helping people in bringing their life back to track so that they can restart focusing on their career growth. 

Hence, in my strong opinion, a person should be mature enough to be eligible to act as a Motivational Coach and what I suggest is at least 40-45 years of age until then an individual gets sufficient time to go through many real life / real world experiences with the help of which others could be guided since motivating is not business; but it's about contributing to the community / society with your experiences. If numerous universities have an option for people to get admission on Mature Student Route, then we can construe the importance of maturity in certain fields of life.

There is a popular quote; "Listen to your elder's advice not because they're always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong."

Farhan Hanif 


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