A True Leader Does not Need to Copy Other Leaders.

A true leader does not need to copy other leaders. Being a leader, you need to look for your own leadership style.

The best type of leadership style has to be picked up for a situation. It's simply to understand why look into others when your plate is full.

Be smart and pick up one of following as per situation :

The Pace-setting Leader: 
This leader expects the team to do as instructed only for now. This style is exerted when there is still some time needed for building an understanding between the leader and team or for building a momentum.

The Coercive Leader: 
This leader expects the team to do as instructed. This style is exerted when there is no time and the execution of task has to be done immediately. The leader through experience makes the decision. 

The Authoritative Leader: 
This leader inspire people to go with him towards the target. It's like inspiring soldiers in the battlefield. 

This style is for creating inspiration among team members. It says to come towards the new vision or change.

The Affiliative Leader: 
The leader uses this style during tough times. It focuses on building affiliation and trust. However,  this style is only suitable for tough times to keep people connected and gathered. 

The Coaching Leader: 
This leader encourages people to learn from mistakes. 

The style does not work when team members are rigid and dislike learning new skills.

The Democratic Leader: 
This leader welcomes new ideas. However,  it could fail in an event of emergency when Coercive style might be needed.


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