You Make Mistakes at Work? - That's Common, but Never Ever Make Some Mistakes at all

12-July-2018 / Farhan Hanif

It's normal to make mistakes when you are on job since you are a human; not a robot. But some mistakes are totally unacceptable and you must avoid them.

What are these? - You need to follow the points below for your guidance:

Be Careful While Using Your Office Computer

It's not that you cannot use your personal emails. Many employers do not mind that. But, of course, some of the things are surely to be avoided such as obscene websites, looking for jobs and applying to them, using your personal social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.

You must keep in your mind that your I.T Department has the right to access your office computer.

Use of Spitting Tobacco While Working on Workstation 

Many people are addicted to mild drugs like chewable tobacco that requires spitting. Of course, everyone knows that any kind of major drugs are not allowed. But they take mild drugs like spitting tobacco leniently. So this is one of big demonstrations of immaturity by you.

Being too Friendly With Colleagues at Workplace

It's good to have good working relationship with coworkers and share information with them. But letting them know everything? - This is not good.

Hence, keep business relationship as close as possible and keep personal matters as far as possible. So proper control on your personal matter needs to be there even if you wish you share some of the things.

Being Inattentive to Your Supervisor's Instructions

You put yourself in jeopardy when you become tenacious and stop following your supervisor's instructions. It's not necessary that you will last long if he/she tolerates it and does not take any action. Surely, one day his tolerance level may come to an ambit and you may face the loss.

Hence, listen to your supervisor's instructions. If he wants Task A, perform Task A for him, rather than performing Task B or Task C. Don't be over smart. Your smartness is when you bring innovation to Task A that was demanded.

Being too Robotic

You were not hired to act like robots. But you were hired because of your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (including Behavioral Competencies). Hence, your valuable ideas need to be brought forward to your supervisor.

Do not get into tenacity; so simply follow your supervisor's instructions if he/she puts down your ideas. He/she knows better; this is why he is supervising you. Or, if you have any doubts over his capability, then leave him, rather than being tenacious. Majority of people think they are smarter than their supervisors. It's not always true, but only their over smartness.

Paying Attention to Prohibited Things is Necessary

This is could be anything like driving company's car and breaking laws or signing any document you were not supposed to.

You need to stick to laws and avoid misusing company assets. It's both legally and ethically wrong.

Telling Lies

Remember that you will be caught one day for sure if you are into the habit of telling lies. Some people do it just for fun. But they do not know they're losing their respect and dignity afore other people in their circle.

Did you ever notice that people ignore your ideas or make fun of your words and remain unserious with you? - Being in a habit of telling lies could be one of the reasons.

Referring a Wrong Person for Job

You know very well if your referred candidate could be a good fit or not. Hence, being unfair in this thing with the organization which has a relationship with you is absolutely an atrocious act by you, which is like a kind of betrayal with someone who is close to you.

Being out of Control During Stress

You are not the only person in the world who faces stress. Almost everyone goes through it. The wrong thing is when you let your stress turn into anger, which becomes out of control like shouting and abusing in the office or wall or table punching to express your anger.

Respect is not that comes to you automatically. It has to be earned. Hence, if you complain that people do not respect you and you pity yourself, so there is no use of it but only the waste of time. Instead, you should learn to earn respect by becoming a good human.

The decision is yours. You can either opt to earn people's respect and feel exhilarated or give up one day when no one would be there to talk with you and you decide to quit.

Feeling of inner satisfaction is only understood by the one who has taken care of above things to earn people's respect.

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