Managing Change at Work now Made Easy

Bringing change at work is not a piece of cake. Many complexities are involved in this process and this requires appropriate skills to implement change.

The model of managing change makes the change agent fully fraught with necessary skills to bring successful change to work unit, department or even the whole organisation. Hence, it's a must have thing to learn before attempting Change Intervention.

Important Things That Bring an Impact on Change Management Activity

Your employee level of involvement and empowerment is one of key factors. It means you cannot implement change if people in your organization are not willing.

Furthermore, the size of change is another important area to consider. This is because the bigger the change plan is, the bigger the planning required. For a small unit, little planning is required as compared to the entire organisation.

It is very important to prepare road map which shows gains after implementing change. This brings increase to chances of successful change management implementation since people make efforts only when they see gain.

Above factors are key to reducing resistance to change.

Now, we will go through following process properly in order to succeed in change management activity with ease:

Beginning of Change Management

At this level, there is dire need to make senior line managers realize that change is now the only solution. This should be followed by highlighting possible gains.

The most possible change which can happen almost in every organization is Technological Change.

Another important consideration is on rapidly changing customer needs. Hence, you need to remember that Customer Needs should be identified regularly and technology is upgraded accordingly.

Probing Into Change Management

This stage requires the selection of options that can help in change management. This is initiated by showing to people where the organization would stand after change implementation. People must also know as to what level they will be at after upgradation. For example: FIFA Soccer game has a system of upgrading players after earning skill points at multiple levels. Initially, the team level is low, but it increases considerably after players are trained pereodically with skill points.

But you cannot do anything if your organization is not ready for change even if people are ready. The most important thing is Financial Capability in this matter.


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